Last from the archive for now

Below are a few more thumbnails of IOW69 press cuttings – some are more complete versions of cuttings already posted. Meanwhile, after the traumas of moving house, the novel is back on track (see previous articles and extract page) and will hopefully be completed within a couple of months.

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Original site plan for IOW 69

Next up out of the archive is an absolute collectors’ item: the original site plan for the 2nd Isle of Wight Festival marked up by the electrician, Ken Blake. “Mr H Garood” was the original contractor who backed out of the job but was the contractor for the 1970 festival.

The ‘tents and cubicles’ area marked behind the stage was where Dylan had his caravan/dressing room. My sister had a nap in there. Apparently it wasn’t that impressive.

The ‘Cs’ below that was the electrical compound where gear was stored and which afforded (with the help of a ladder) a good sideways view of Dylan as he performed.

iow site plan for electrics

More from the archive

Below are more thumbnails of press cuttings about IOW 69. The media were clearly uncertain how to deal with the new phenomenon of pop festivals – the Mirror was generally looking for knocking copy, while the rest had a prurient interest in the goings-on. Included is an obituary of anti-festival villain Mark Woodnutt. Never trust a Tory!

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Loads more material coming

The clearout of my late dad’s house has turned up much more material: a treasure trove of memorabilia from IOW 69, including a contractors’ plan of the festival and a huge array of press cuttings including pictures I’ve never seen anywhere. I’ll post these as soon as I have time: the project’s been sidelined for a bit longer than planned due to my house move.