Loads more material coming

The clearout of my late dad’s house has turned up much more material: a treasure trove of memorabilia from IOW 69, including a contractors’ plan of the festival and a huge array of press cuttings including pictures I’ve never seen anywhere. I’ll post these as soon as I have time: the project’s been sidelined for a bit longer than planned due to my house move.

One comment

  1. Chris Hockenhull · October 28, 2009

    Just read your page and your latest entry dated 16 October 2009. I have been more than interested in the 69 Dylan iow festival for many years. In 1986 I became the only person Ray Foulk ever spoke to re the event when I was writing an edition of my fanzine Fourth time Around which was an IOW special. I stayed with him in Oxford for a few days and he gave me an exclusive about the event. Please let me know if it would be possible – and I will pay -for copies of IOW items for my personal files. I have a hugh amount of material on the Dylan appearance and collaborated on a book about IOW music some years ago with a chap from the island called Mike Plumbley. Please drop me a line at my email as I’d love to see what you have there. Likewise if there is anything I can do for you regards the IOW 69 event dont hesitate to contact me

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