69ers on verge of completion

My novel about the 1969 Isle of Wight pop festival, 69ers, is finally on the verge of completion, nearly eleven months since I started it. Many thanks to all those who’ve shown an interest and followed this site. I’m confident the book has worked, though it’s been a struggle, as difficult to pull together as any of the 50+ stories and novels I’ve had published.

I’ve uploaded a video to replace the then-and-now video on Youtube which Sony had taken down, but not before nearly a thousand people had viewed it and listened to Bob singing at Woodside Bay all those years ago. The video is on the video page here, with a (legal) track by somebody who was standing backstage with Dylan in 1969 (me). I’ve recaptured this moment in 69ers, slightly embellishing the truth in a way which will become immediately obvious when you buy and read the novel!

Newcomers to this site should check the archives for many unique mementoes of the UK’s first great rock festival.


  1. Brickbat · June 6, 2010

    Looking forward to publication of your novel. Perhaps Sony will take this opportunity and finally release Dylan’s 1969 concert in its entirety.

  2. Graham · June 8, 2011

    Didn’t Ricky Farr also Organise, or at least MC, the 1970 IW festival too? and why does no-one ever mention the 1968 IW Festival (because only about 1,000 people went??).
    I now live on IW and look forward to your book, and the 27th.

  3. jonblake12 · June 8, 2011

    Ricky Farr did MC the 70 festival and is prominent in the film of it, Message to Love. As for 1968, 69ers certainly mentions it (they used the tickets as passes for 1969 site workers). I think about 10,000 went, and it did have some fairly big names such as Jefferson Airplane. John Peel was the compere! Hope the word is getting round about the 27th – I’m certainly looking forward to it.

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