On Dylan’s 70th, re-experience Dylan in ’69

The production of 69ers is well advanced and I intend to have it published on May 24th, Dylan’s 70th birthday. The book will be available through Amazon and regular UK bookstores at £6.99; the Welsh Books Council have agreed to distribute it throughout Wales.

The cover price is the cheapest possible given the need to cover the cost of production and allow for the cut taken by retailers. I could do it cheaper if I had thousands more copies printed, but despite my great faith in this book, that is a risk I cannot afford!

However, I shall also be selling the book via this site and personal appearances, and this will be at a heavy discount.

No plans to bring out an e-book yet. The cover picture has already cost me £274 and will be even more for electronic use!

Speaking of which, my young adult thriller The Last Free Cat is due to come out as an e-book shortly: a publisher is also about to bring out the book in the USA.

I’m appearing at the Hay-on-Wye festival on June 4th (2.30pm, the Hexagon), talking about one of my kids’ books. I’m sure I’ll have a couple of copies of 69ers with me.

Update: this site now has a new easy-to-remember domain address: http://www.dylan69.com.

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