Relive 1969 nearly fifty years on

I still have some of the first print run of 69ers (aka When Dylan Sank The Isle of Wight) and am selling these off for just £6 per copy, signed by the author.  There is no other fictional record of this event, and certainly not one by a prize-winning author who saw the 1969 Isle of Wight festival both up front and backstage.  But besides being the story of a 16 year old grammar school boy thrown into a challenging new world, 69ers is also a meditation on the values of that era.  As in most of my fictional output, it’s both humorous and political.  Check out the reviews on Amazon – none of them written by friends or relatives! – then consider whether this might make a great present to a loved one or even yourself!  An ebook is also available, needless to say not signed by the author, but a little bit cheaper.  Buy either the paperback or ebook here.