Got a bus pass? Time to start a band!

All those who have read When Dylan Sank The Isle of Wight (formerly 69ers) will have enjoyed the adventures of prog-rock band Butterhorn, loosely based on my own outfit Peach who played around Southampton in 1972-3.  I played in many bands after that, most notably new wave outfit The Cutouts who had a decent following in Nottingham in the early 80s.  As my writing career took off, however, the music got sidelined, and in 1986 I played my last electric gig – or so I thought, till getting up on stage with a friend’s band at my 60th party gave me the bug again.  But I had no intention of playing tired old blues songs or Stereophonics covers.  I had a set of great original songs which had never seen the light of day and come hell or high water I was going to perform them.  Now I’m in a fantastic trio with a 23-year-old bassist and 38-year-old drummer, both fans of great music through the ages, rehearsing in the fabulous Cardiff Arches in the city centre under the railway line.  Here’s a taste of what we do (or what I did with a drum machine before it got even better with live drums!).  Check our website at .We’re also on Twitter and Facebook – still early days, so give us a like if you like us!