The man who got the festivals banned

Wooden head! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!Let’s hear it for Martin “Mark” Woodnutt, Tory MP for the IOW from 1959-74, fan of Enoch Powell, member of the far-right Monday Club, hanging enthusiast, and the man whose Isle of Wight County Council Act put an end to the first festivals and paved the way for further anti-festival legislation affecting the whole of the UK.

Sadly Mark got his hands a little dirty lining his pockets in the development of Bembridge Harbour and was summarily dumped by the island electors in 1974, dying before the end of the year.

By 2002, when festivals no longer had anything to do with undermining capitalism – quite the opposite – the IOW County Council voted to continue the tradition of large campsites, expensive refreshments and loud music. But you can bet there are still a few retired colonels and admirals hankering for the days when their champion smote the hippie menace.

nb the picture of Woodnutt above is merely an impression; mysteriously, no photos of the legendary MP exist in cyberspace.

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