69ers is on its way

69ers is now in production and should be ready for sale in about a month: I haven’t decided the exact launch date yet, but it will certainly be before Dylan’s 70th birthday as planned. The cover is shown here (click for larger image) and I’ll post details of where the book may be purchased shortly.

40 years on – Woodside Bay then and now (edited 1 June due to Sony banning soundtrack)

A – view into car park/west camp field. (Time on video): 0.48, 1.47
B – view from entrance gate into arena: 0.24, 1.52
C – road between arena and disco tent: 1.42
D – view back down Palmers Rd towards Wootton: 1.09
E – view into east camp field: 0.52, 1.21
F – view into field containing shops, info, disco tent etc: 1.30, 1.32
G – view from second gate over arena: 0.32